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Hello. This is the first experience i had in guiding someone around Bucharest. I logged on a web page where people were not so friendly about my hometown ,Bucharest ,Romania. I know is huge ,and has it's problems ,but those people were not so smart ,and they decided to have a bad experience in the city. I mean ,come on people! This guy was talking trash about this city because a girl offered him a drink in a bar ,and then stealed his wallet! You must be really dumb to accept a drink from a woman ,in an unknown place....

From that post ,on that forum ,i exchanged emails with this really nice lady from Bulgaria. She had some work in Bucharest ,so i decided to help her. The road from the airport to the city is kinda long....and taci drivers are ripping people offf! so ,i took her from the airport to her apartment ,and then we headed out for lunch. Since i was still a student ,i took herto eat out in the student campus ,cheap and fun :) Well ,i was not asking for money back then ,so we did all the tour experience ,as friends....She insisted to pay for the gas....but i refused. What can i say? it was the first time it occured to me ,i can be a good guide. Living in this city for all my life ,and loving it ,makes me someone that knows too much maybe ,about it. Loving to meet people ,and not charging more that common sense rates ,led to my other experiences!

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